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Using rational analysis to deduce Muhammad [saas] is a Prophet.

Posted in Proofs for Islam's Truth and Divine Origins by muslimsuperhero on April 28, 2010





So many people never arrive at “absolute” truth because they perceive life through an incorrect lense to start with. In other words, their standards for truth are faulty, and thus the conclusion is faulty. I will give an example:

Gustave Flaubert said, “There is no truth.” -So someone reads that, and thinks, “Now that’s interesting. ‘There is no truth…’” –And because it sounds neat, without even thinking about it, the non-Muslim accepts it. Now this is their standard. So when they are approached by the Muslim, they say things like, “Well, that may be true for you but that is not true for me” -Because they have been indoctrinated, or rather they have indoctrinated themselves with a faulty premise, so the conclusion is faulty. The conclusion in this case is, more or less, that truth is relative or based upon perception.

So the Muslim is left with some work to do. First we have to go back and correct the incorrect standard. And it is quite easy. When approached with the argument, “There is no truth.” -simply asking the person, “are you sure?” exposes the fallacy.

Why you ask? Well, I’m glad to show off a bit and explain it to you! [hehe!] If a person says, “there is no truth” and you ask them “Are you sure?” there are only three possible answers: Yes. No. and I don’t know.

If the person answers “Yes” then they have contradicted themselves. They have asserted from the beginning that there is no such thing as truth. So if you ask them “Are you sure?” and they say “Yes” then they have asserted that it is true that there is no truth! -They will thus be forced to admit that they believe an impossible statement.

If someone says “There is no truth” and you say, “Are you sure?” and their answer is “No.” –Then the obvious question begs to be asked, “Well, then why’d you bring it up, knucklehead?” I.E. why does this person state things that they don’t believe?

But alas, there is the third answer, “I don’t know?” Which can be answered much in the same fashion as if they said, “No.” Just ask them, “well, then why’d you say it?”

Now you got them right where you want them: They are now, presumably, viewing the world with the correct lense, which is this: That there is a such thing as truth, and it is not relative, or subject to our desires. I.E. there may be an aspect of truth that we don’t like to believe or don’t want to believe but that doesn’t make it any less true.

The above was just a rough example of many to remind the Muslim and the non-Muslim that before we can even decide if something is true or not, we need to know what truth is, and have a correct standard of truth from the beginning.




Take a good darn look at the above quote folks. It is true. If an apple is red, it isn’t green! This one thing seems to be the biggest hiccup, this thing which I’ve always considered obviously true, has, much to my surprise, been the biggest roadblock to people accepting Islam. They think it’s ok to hide from a fact!

I wish I could count the number of times someone has brought up religion with me, thinking they would bring me “back to the faith.” (Here I am speaking of our Christian brethren, of which I, more or less, used to be before my conversion to Islam). –But half way through the conversation, suddenly realizing that Islam makes a little too much sense for their comfort, abruptly end the conversation, as if not hearing what Islam has to say somehow prevents Islam from being true! Die hard missionaries have suddenly turned into ostriches with their head in the sand!

I wonder, by the way, I wonder, how many will enact exactly what I am speaking against as this essay goes on? I wonder…




Ok, I am not going through the whole spiel of quoting Qu’ran verses and Hadith which prove beyond all reasonable doubt that Islam is NOT a violent religion. I think the only people around that still believe Islam is violent/bloodthirsty/yada yada yada are the people who WANT to believe that, and no amount of “Factation” (hahaha!) will persuade them of the actuality.

But what can be pointed out is the fact that this whole argument is a logical fallacy. It’s called, “The fallacy of composition.” ~That is, applying to all what is true of a few. To say, that all Muslims are terrorists because of terrorism that has been committed by some Muslims, is like saying, “Because I can break one stick over my knee, I can break 20 of them over my knee!” The obvious problem is, you have applied what is true of a minority and applied those rules to all or the majority.

So unless Bubba can break most of the sticks in the world over his knee, he can’t say with certainty that most Muslims are terrorists.

And there is also another problem with this statement, which is also a fact. Pointing out the flaws of a people who follow a religion is not a flaw in that religion. I’d say 80% of Muslims these days, due to various factors [colonialism, poverty, war, famine, laziness, etc] don’t know near enough about their religion to avoid making serious mistakes in their practice of it. -But this has no bearing whatsoever on whether or not Islam is the true religion. -It simply proves a very well known and observable fact that no one with brain-one in their huge mellon will deny… that human beings sometimes make mistakes, and sometimes fail to live up to their ideals. 🙂




So we’ve all been walking through a bookstore and saw the book with the picture of the big angry Muslim screaming on the cover (Probably a picture of a man at a hot-dog stand who was short-changed, and he’s probably not even Muslim, just a tan, homeless dude who got hot and took his shirt off and put it on his head.)…and so you open it up. Or if you’re a non-Muslim, you buy it and study it in the hopes that you can finally have an equal footing with your Muslim friend in the next debate.

But if you’re Muslim, you flip to the back and notice something funny when going through his sources. They are all non-Muslims who hate Islam just as much as the author!

If you have even 10% of a single nueron in that skull of yours you immediately realize that this isn’t scholarship.




Well, I’ll tell you why. Because scholarship isn’t just going and asking your friends. And truth is not determined by a list of people who say your right. Truth is determined by A means B, and 1+1=2. Everything else is just theory.

You might wanna write that down.

This is a BIG problem these days. Everyone thinks that just because someone’s book has a bibliography or because a guy has a string of letters after his name, or because Fox News called him or her an “expert” that the book you are holding in your hands is the work of an infallible scholar and mustn’t be questioned but rather accepted wholeheartedly! And don’t you DARE ask a Muslim what THEY believe! No! You ask Dr. Levi Horowitz because he interviewed Dr. Googenheim Glockenspeil D.D.S and accept whatever you get from him!

True scholarship, dear readers, is not starting off with a preconceived notion about a thing and then asking all the people who say you’re right if you’re right. True scholarship is objective, asking many people with varying views, and giving them all a chance to debate each other, question each other, and in the end the author himself [or herself] may ALSO learn something or change their views…

But no one’s seen that type of scholarship for a looooooooooooooooooong time!!!




Ok I will. No problem.

Just give me one second to ask my friend Abdullah.

Hahaha just kidding.

It’s quite easy. We just have to examine some facts about Islam and we can use deductive logic, which leaves us with no alternative other than this: Muhammad was who he said he was.

Who did he say he was? Well, he said he was God’s final Prophet to mankind.

Now, if a man makes this statement, there are only a few options which can be true, and we will be looking at all of them.


    1. He’s crazy.
    2. He’s a Liar
    3. He’s possessed by Satan (Shaytan)
    4. He never said anything of the sort and whoever told you that is lying to you/mistaken
    5. He’s right.


The first two can be dealt with quite easily. I’ll do it by recounting something that happened to Muhammad (Saas). Muhammad (Saas) had a son named Ibrahim, who died when he was 2 years old. The occasion of the death of Ibrahim coincided with an eclipse of the sun (probably that of 27 January 632), a phenomenon the Muslims began to circulate by rumor as a miracle. The word went out saying that the sun was eclipsed in sadness over the death of Ibrahim. Upon hearing this Muhammad is reported as saying “The sun and the moon are signs of God. They are eclipsed neither for the death nor birth of any man. On beholding an eclipse, therefore, remember God and turn to Him in prayer.” Thereby, denying the concept.

You can find this above story mentioned in “The Life of Muhammad” by Muhammad Husayn Haykal. It’s original source is the Hadith collection of Bukhari, chapter 22 in the book of eclipses, Hadith number 996. It is a rigorously authenticated hadith with numerous chains of transmission all from the most honest of Muhammad’s [saas] companions verified by historians and accepted in the most authentic book of sayings of the Prophet Muhammad [Sahih Bukhari], and in other books as well. Even Atheist biographers such as Maxime Rodinson, much to their dismay, accept this story and Muhammad’s [saas] words therein as a factual account.

Now, I submit that if Muhammad (saas) were a liar, or if he were crazy, we would see a different type of response. Because if he were lying about his prophethood, and the sun eclipsed when his son died, why not use that to your advantage? Why not say, “Yeah! That’s right! My son died and the sky went dark! Proves I’m a Prophet!”


If he’s crazy, I think he would buy it. When the companions came up to him and informed him that there was an eclipse the same day that his son died, he would probably believe that it was some sort of Divine Sign…it would be a comforting thing to believe, after all… [keep in mind that the deluded people often succomb and give into delusion much more aptly whilst in emotional duress… and considering the Prophet just lost his infant son in his very arms, if there was any time to give into delusion, this would be it]…

But yet this his response is not in the affirmative. His response was to tell them that, more or less, to believe that the sun eclipses because of the birth or death of any human is ridiculous. Study his response again:


The sun and the moon are signs of God. They are eclipsed neither for the death nor birth of any man.”


Now how can we say he is lying now when he doesn’t take the chance to tell the best lie he could ever tell, but instead, calmly, rationally, tells the truth? How can we say he’s crazy, when every opportunity presented itself for him to give into delusion, but rather his response is one firmly grounded in truth and reality?

The answer is, of course, we can’t use those two as an option. Which is why Atheist Maxime Rodinson was forced to admit on page 218 of his biography on Muhammad (saas) the following:


For several centuries the explanation produced by Christians and rationalists has been that Muhammad was guilty of falsification, by deliberately attributing to Allah his own thoughts and instructions. We have seen that this theory is not tenable. The most likely one is that Muhammad really did experience sensory phenomena translated into words and phrases the he interpreted as messages from the Supreme Being. He developed the habit of receiving these revelations in a particular way. His sincerity appears beyond a doubt, especially in Mecca when we see how Allah hustled, chastised, and led him into steps that he was extremely unwilling to take…”





An interesting theory. Satan tricks a man into thinking he is in fact God Almighty, creates an extremely rational religion based on the worship of 1 God, charity, fasting, logic, etc, including little details like Jesus is the Messiah, Moses and Abraham were true Prophets, etc. etc, enjoins upon humanity God-consciousness via 5 daily prayers… He [satan] tells the Arabs to stop worshiping idols, but instead worship the One God of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus… he tells them to stop fornicating, committing adultry, drinking alcohol, killing each other in tribal fueds… he tells them to look after the poor, to give charity, to teach people to read, to seek knowledge… He [Satan] tells Muhammad to go to the Jews and ask them to believe that Jesus [saas] was in fact a Prophet and their Messiah, and that they should accept him as such… that they should accept Islam which is a religion for every human being to belong to under the banner of monotheism, and not just one special tribe or group… Um… excuse me, but didn’t Jesus say in the Bible “BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM?” -How many more “FRUITS” do you people need? hahah! 🙂



And I also suppose God’s just gonna sit back and let this happen. Let 1.2 BILLION people get duped into worshipping…God…uum, by Satan…uum…ok. Leaving aside these OBVIOUS problems, there is the problem that the very people who are most likely to make this claim, (Christians) have within their holy scripture, an idea which refutes it.

If we read the words attributed to Jesus in Mark 3:26 we see that Jesus has said the following:


If Satan has risen up against himself and is divided, he cannot stand, but he is finished!”


In these verses, Jesus has clarified the nature of Satan for us. Broken it down, so to speak. To put it in modern terminology, he says it is dangerous business for Satan to be against himself, because, he will end up destroying himself. He is not too different from us humans in that respect. Now this is in response to some Jewish priests who come up to Jesus and seeing him casting out demons (Jinn) from people who are possessed, and accused him (Jesus) of getting his powers from Satan. In response Jesus (Saas) utters the above words. (Which means, if a Christian readily jumps to the same conclusion about the Qu’ran, you can point out to them that they are entertaining the same ideas and using the same methods as the enemies of Christ.)

Furthermore, this leaves a question, which must be answered. Can Satan be against himself? According to his nature, if we understand Christ’s words from the Bible, the answer is no. So then, if we find Qu’ran verses against Satan, (The Qu’ran being a book that claims to be the direct word of God) then obviously, this book is not from Satan, right?

Well as it turns out, there are plenty of anti-Satan verses in the Qu’ran to go around. But there is one in particular which I prefer to use. It just makes such a powerful point. It goes a lil sumn like this:


When you do read Al-Qur’an, seek Allah’s protection from Satan, the rejected.” (Al-Qur’an 16:98)


Here, if this is Satan’s book, as they would be claiming, Satan is saying, ‘Before you read my book please ask God to protect you from me…’

Go ahead and look at that Qu’ran verse one last time, and tell me how Satan could possibly get away with such a thing if there is a God!?!? Does it even make one lick of sense according to the Bible, according to reason, and according to what you’ve learned so far? Methinks not!




Yes, I’ve actually been shocked enough to hear this as a response. People who have never studied a single word about Islam come away assuming that because there is some doubt as to whether or not Christ even existed (I will avoid this controversy between Christians and some Atheists, as I believe full well he existed and find it pointless to debate such things) then that must be true of ALL religious figures, and any thing that attests things about them must be “purely religious” and “not historical.”

My professor (Of my “Jesus of Nazereth” class in college) was shocked to learn that if you were to pick up a biography of Muhammad by a Muslim, it would be virtually identical to that of a non-Muslim, the only exception being that the non-Muslims would interpret some of the episodes in Muhammad’s (Saas) life differently.

Thus why Islam is called, “The newest of the ancient religions.” It is ancient enough to fit right in with it’s sister religions, Christianity and Judaism, but new enough to have an accurate picture painted of it’s Prophet in the Hadith, and to have a completely preserved Holy Text (The Qu’ran.) And so French scholar Ernest Renan wrote in 1851 that, unlike the other founders of major religions, the Prophet Muhammad “was born in the full light of history.

There could be many a compare and contrast between Islam’s scriptures and their historical/textual integrity as compared with other religions, but for the sake of brevity I will include only two:


    1.  The earliest complete Manuscript of the Bible is called the Codex Sinaiticus and is dated to the 4th century, over 300 years after the time of Christ. The earliest complete Qu’ran is known as the “Uthman Codex” and was copied from Muhammad’s (saas) personal copy, kept under the bed of Hafsah, Muhammad’s wife. This Qu’ran is in a Museum to this day, and dates roughly 10 years after Muhammad’s death.
    2.  The Bible is written in Ancient Hebrew, Ancient Aramaic, and Ancient Greek…which no one speaks, so to change it would be easy since only a handful of scholars have known it throughout the ages. The Qu’ran is in Arabic, which is a living language spoken by millions to this day.


I could go on an on. But the point is that the argument that Muhammad didn’t claim to be a Prophet is silly, because he is an historical figure, and not purely a religious one, unlike every other religious figure before modern times (Whether I believe in them or not is another matter.)




And that is this:

Muhammad (saas) is an historical figure who said he was a Prophet and claimed the Qu’ran as the newest revelation from God Almighty. He wasn’t a liar. He wasn’t crazy. He wasn’t possessed by Satan.

So we are left with option 5. He was who he said he was.

And just to remind you, he said he was a Prophet. 🙂

So I guess the only question is this: What Qu’ran verse applies to you?



And they have treated the prophets as impostors, and follow their own desires; but everything is unalterably fixed. A message of prohibition had come to them–Consummate wisdom–but warners profit them not. Quit them then. On the day when the summoner shall summon to a stern business, With downcast eyes shall they come forth from their graves, as if they were scattered locusts, Hastening to the summoner. “This,” shall the deniers say, “is the distressful day.”




And those foremost (in Faith) will be foremost (in Paradise). These will be those nearest to Allâh. In the Gardens of delight. A multitude of those (foremost) will be from the first generations and a few of those will be from the later generations.



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