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My first blog, and an explanation of who I am and why I’m here.

Posted in Who I am; Why I'm here. by muslimsuperhero on April 27, 2010

Hello everyone, no one, and those to come. This is my official anonymous blog. Who am I? Suffice it to say that I am a b-list Muslim celebrity… I appear on the television from time to time, have written articles for a few websites, met and worked with some of the more famous and world-renown Muslim scholars, Shaykhs, and Da’eya. I am currently studying the Arabic language [abroad] and decided that I wanted to do a little “pro-bono” work for the sake of Allah [swt].

That’s where this blog comes in. You see, the Prophet Muhammad [saas] said that whoever has knowledge and doesn’t disclose it to the people will be punished in the hereafter. Well, I have some knowledge, particularly in the area of inter-faith dialogues, debates, etc. as well as in refuting anti-Islamic propoganda. So, in keeping with that Prophetic Tradition, I have decided to make my “knowledge” which Allah [swt] has been merciful enough to give me, known to Islam-lovers and haters alike.

How I came to wordpress: A while back I actually came across a foul-mouthed little brat’s blog, a former “Muslim” [she claims] from Pakistan [She claims] now an Atheist. You may have seen her bitter diatribe around. She’s afraid of her daddy, so she doesn’t reveal her identity, but she goes by the handle of “Kafir Girl.” A brief bio of her would read something like this: “I used to be Muslim, but not really, because I openly admit my family never prayed, and I’m from Pakistan which is known amongst Arabs and Muslim Converts for being the most backward of almost all the Muslim countries, due to the fact that we Pakistanians have the wonderful stigma of being completely ignorant of our religion and introducing many bid’ah [religious innovations that have no Divine or Prophetic warrant] into the religion… i.e. I was actually not a Muslim, but rather a Fasiq [heedless sinner] at best, a Munafiq [false Muslim, hypocrit] at worst, and either way not really qualified to be called a Muslim [even though I’m now claiming that I was a Muslim, for dramatic effect]. Lo and behold one day I went to college and fell in love with a Kafr and really needed to justify my desire to fornicate with him and marry him, and I knew Islam, being the pure way of life that it was would never allow me to do such a thing. So, instead I abandoned the religion I admittedly knew nothing about, and never practiced correctly, but now that I am ‘enlightened’ [little “e”] I want to throw bitter little temper tantrums @ Islam and justify my lack of brains to the entire world. P.S. I’m a nasty little cuss and have a very foul mouth. I know that’s probably bad, but hey, I believe in showing people I’m an Atheist by my good example.”

Well, after learning about her, I liked the idea of having a blog… and I loved the idea of having a battle of wits with someone like her who is clearly unarmed.

But don’t think this blog is only aimed at her! No! I will be taking well aimed pot-shots at all of the anti-Islam bigots that I please! “So if you be not of the house of Mantague, come, and crush a cup of wine!”